Eminent Domain

Eminent domain (or condemnation) is the process through which private property is acquired for public use by the government or a government entity upon payment of “just compensation”. The Law Offices of Aaron F. Garcia is an experienced law firm that actively represents people and businesses in eminent domain cases. The condemning government agencies retain experienced eminent domain lawyers to take your property. You should also retain an experienced lawyer to help you maximize your recovery and obtain just compensation.

  • We will handle all phases of your case, from the first time you are contacted by the government entity, through settlement of the case or trial.
  • We will counsel you on how to respond to the government entity’s offer to purchase your property.
  • We will recommend and use experienced experts who will help you maximize your recovery.

You may entitled to compensation for the following:

  • The value of the land taken by eminent domain;
  • The loss in value of the remainder of your land (severance damages) if only part of your land is taken by eminent domain;
  • The value of fixtures, equipment and improvements installed on the land taken by eminent domain;
  • The value of any lease interests taken by eminent domain;
  • Loss of value or damage to your business caused by eminent domain;
  • Relocation benefits; and/or
  • Interest, attorney’s fees, litigation expenses and court costs.


We often represent our eminent domain clients on a contingency fee basis.

This means that although you may be responsible for payment of court costs and the costs of appraisers and other experts, you don’t have to pay attorney’s fees unless we win.

Contingency fees and the responsibility for payment of court costs and expert witness fees are negotiable and are not set by law.

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