Real Estate Transactions

The Law Offices of Aaron F. Garcia is a full service real estate and land use law firm. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping you form a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other business entity for your real estate;
  • Resolving problems with title, boundary disputes or trespass prior to litigation;
  • Preparing notes, deeds of trust and other land financing agreements;
  • Assisting you with hazardous materials or toxic waste on your land and dealing with government agencies in charge of the cleanup;
  • Drafting necessary contracts and other documents to protect your interests and investments involving the purchase, sale or lease of real estate.

We have experience in negotiating real estate transactions. Our clients benefit from the perspective we have gained from our litigation experience and negotiating real estate transactions. We also have a practical nature and take a problem solving approach to each case.

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